How To Add Up Your Daily Score

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How To Add Up Your Daily Score

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:24 am

4 Points = Perfect Day, no cheats…not even a morsel…
3 Points = A tiny little slip up…its that little sip or little bite
2 Points = A portion of a meal was not Paleo…having a beer with dinner
1 Point = A whole meal was not Paleo…beer with pizza for dinner
0 Points = More than a whole meal was not Paleo

Bonus Points
+1 = 8 hours of sleep (lights out sleep, not in bed for 8 hours)
+1 = WOD (community, baby…we want to see you here)
+1 = 15 minutes of extra mobility work
+1 = One serving of meat/fish was grass fed/wild caught (limited to +2 per day)

So, ladies & gents, you have a possible NINE POINTS.
Remember to take rest days!


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