Korean street vendor pork skewers or meatballs (Al Rosa's ground pork)

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Korean street vendor pork skewers or meatballs (Al Rosa's ground pork) Empty Korean street vendor pork skewers or meatballs (Al Rosa's ground pork)

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Korean street vendor pork skewers or meatballs (Al Rosa's ground pork) 394849_504444852941661_1813271753_n

1 lb of Al's ground pork
2 tbsp of fish sauce
2-3 tbsp of chili powder (more if you like spicy)
2 tbsp of coconut milk
1 tbsp of ground powdered ginger (if fresh, Id use more Smile )
one bunch of chopped green onion (down to the almost the white)
1-2 tbsp honey (to balance your chili powder)
wooden skewers (for the experience, but you can use metal if you want - I use bamboo skewers from Publix)
1-2 egg whites to help hold pork together (eat yolks raw so not to waste... Smile - not sure if one or two are best, I try and eye it depending on how easy you can form a ball and it stays together

Ok, you can make skewers (satays) or just go the easy route and roll into meatballs, same result, but satays give a better presentation and are more representative of the street vendor carts in Korea.

First, thaw out pork, spread out on a cookie sheet and let sit in fridge for a few hours to dry out (not covered - this is important or skewers will be a mess)
After pork dries out - combine all ingredients in bowl and mix by hand until even

Use a grill pan or better yet a grill and heat up - medium to high heat

have a bowl of water at hand to dip hands in between making skewers

Start molding the ground pork mixture onto the skewers - note it will be messy, but it will hold together better when it hits the grill
You should have 8 skewers when done, dipping hands into water between each skewer to try and stop pork from sticking to your hands. (if doing meatballs, keep meatballs small to about a little large than a quarter size in diameter.

use a little oil on the skewers/meatballs so they dont stick - put on grill. skewers should be almost square or the shape of a corn dog. Same width all the way up and down the bamboo skewer so it cooks even.

Use a little teriyaki with some fish sauce, and little honey and chili pepper sauce and brush on while cooking. Separate this sauce out so not to contaminate some of it. You will want to drizzle it on your final product.

I usually do 2 minutes on all four sides (8-10 mins total) for satays. Meatballs, cook and turn until firm - about 10 minutes. You want sear marks on these regardless of meatballs or satays.

When done, put skewers/meatballs on a bed of shredded cabbage (shred yourself or buy a mix of red, green cabbage and carrots) and drizzle the teriyaki -based sauce on the pork and cabbage mix. Enjoy.

PS - this is good to make 2lbs + of skewers and pop em on a grill pan when you get home. You can do beef and chicken as well.


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