Fresh Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon on sale at Whole Foods for $12.99/lb + recipe

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Fresh Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon on sale at Whole Foods for $12.99/lb + recipe

Post  ajweaver on Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:22 pm

Now that you have good wild salmon (+1 pt) this is how I make my salmon:

Alderwood plank* soaked in water at least an hour - lowes, HD and Publix will sell, and some local fish markets.
Salt and pepper and put filet in a ziplock*. Add olive oil to coat, handful of rosemary sprigs (dill works awesome here too - personal preference!), garlic (I use a lot) and juice of a whole lemon* (I like to let it sit for at least 15 mins, then add the lemon juice right before going on the the grill.)

Put plank on grill until it starts smoking (about 400 degrees if you have a thermometer), then put the filet on top and close the lid on the grill. Usually 18-20mins for a pound for medium rare to medium (.80-1.00lbs), 3-5 mins longer if you like yours thoroughly cooked at medium well - a two person serving.

*I use whole cloves of garlic, put them in the zip lock with just the olive oil and rosemary and use the bottom of a water glass to crush the cloves mashing them into the oil and rosemary. Then the fish goes in and I coat everything and get the garlic and rosemary sitting on top. When the fish comes out of the ziplock, it slides out right on the plank and I dump the leftover oil/garlic/lemon concoction on top evenly.
*Add lemon a few minutes before cooking as the citric acid will cook your salmon if stored for too long.
* I clean (water only) and reuse my plank so I get two uses out of it - once it cools down. Any more and the smoke doesn't take.


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